Mindfulness-Based Queer Resilience (MBQR) Program

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our research study, Mindfulness-Based Queer Resilience (MBQR), here at Brown University!

Enrollment for the Fall 2022 course has closed.

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What is this study about?

This study aims to pilot an internet-delivered mindfulness-based intervention to address minority stress and promote mental and sexual health among young adult gay, bisexual, and queer men. For more information about the study intervention click HERE or read below.

What would my study involvement entail?

 If you choose to take part in this study, you will first fill an online screening survey to see if you qualify. If eligible, you will be invited to enter your contact information so that a research team member can follow up with you about next steps. Final eligibility will be confirmed over a face-to-face Zoom call with a trained staff member during which time they will be able to tell you more about the study and answer any additional questions you might have. The study intervention (details below) meets online via Zoom and is group-based. The upcoming group is scheduled to take part on Thursdays starting September 8th and running for ten weeks; the last class is November 10th. There is an all day retreat (also online) scheduled for October 22nd. Each class is up to 2.5 hours long and will take place online via Zoom. The class time will be determined based on the availability of study participants. In order to take part we ask that you able able to attend at least six out of the nine classes as well as the all-day retreat (scheduled for October 22nd). If you are determined to be eligible for the study and available for the mindfulness program, you will be asked to complete a baseline assessment using an individualized link, which is expected to take around 40 minutes. You will also be invited to complete an online post-course assessment (~40 minutes) as well as take part in an exit interview with a trained staff member (~90 minutes). See below for additional details about the time involved as well as the compensation structure for the study.

What is MBQR about?

“Mindfulness-Based Queer Resilience (MBQR)” is a group-based, LGBTQ affirmative mindfulness program. It will take place online over a 10-week period (including a 1 week orientation followed by 8 weeks of class as well as an all-day mindfulness retreat scheduled around week 5-6 of the program). It will take place online over a 10-week period via Zoom and will be free to qualified participants. Class will meet once a week for up to 2.5 hours, during which time, participants will receive free training in meditation, mindful movements, and in directing mindfulness-based skills towards enhancing things like stress recovery, sleep, resilience, cognitive performance and social relationships. The practice will be tailored to LGBTQ people and discussion will also focus on how to best apply mindfulness in queer life in order to facilitate self-love and self-acceptance, build queer resilience, improve sex positivity and sexual well-being, build healthy, authentic relationships. This program is developed by queer researchers and teachers with input from the LGBTQ community. Similar programs offered in the community are valued at $500.

UPCOMING Classes will be held online on Thursdays (time TBD) starting 9/8/22 and ending 11/10/22.


You will be compensated up to $140 for your time on this study. The compensation is based on each study component completed, specifically, you will receive:
  • $15 for completing the baseline survey
  • $5 for each weekly assessment (9 x $5 each = $45 total)
  • $40 for completing the post-intervention survey
  • $40 for participating in the Zoom exit-interview.
Note that in order to receive the baseline compensation, you must meet all eligibility criteria, complete the online screening Zoom call (where ID and eligibility are checked), and successfully complete the questionnaires (i.e., valid data detected). Partial compensation will not be provided. Individuals determined to be ineligible after the study has started will not be compensated unless the error is determined to be on our end.

Time Involved

We estimate the total study involvement to be up to 35.0 hours over the course of 10-12 weeks. This consists of:

  • Confidential online screening assessment that takes 5-10 minutes to complete
  • Zoom screening interview that will take 15 to 25 minutes.
  • Baseline online research assessment (40 minutes).
  • Online mindfulness class orientation.
  • Mindfulness classes (2.5 hours per week for 9 weeks + a 6 hour all-day retreat – all take place online).
  • Weekly assessments (10 minutes x 9 weeks).
  • Post-intervention survey (40 minutes).
  • 90-minute to two-hour exit interview conducted over zoom after the intervention is complete.